Summer Garden Varieties We Love (Plus a Peek into Aimee’s Garden!)

August 19, 2021 | Home & Garden

Gardening and curating outdoor spaces has always been a passion of ours. We love transforming a lovely outdoor spaces into a true oasis with textural arrangements and designs both in vessels and in the ground. Today,we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite summer varietals and give you a peek into Aimee’s own Cutting Garden at the Penngrove Homestead!

First up, Peaches & Cream Honeysuckle. I mean, how gorgeous? This variety has a gorgeous, vibrant bloom and thrives in Spring and Summer. We’ll take a whole garden wall covered in this beauty, please! It is pretty low-maintenance to care for and smells absolutely wonderful!

Peaches & Cream Honeysuckle – Summer Garden Flowers from Aimée Lomeli Designs

For those that like to munch from their garden goodies, Little Gem Lettuce is beautiful and yummy simultaneously. It’s an annual variety that produces tender leaves. Ready to harvest? Check out this recipe for Little Gem Lettuce with a Walnut Vinaigrette from Martha Stewart. Perfect to enjoy out on the patio!

Little Gem Lettuce – Summer Garden Inspiration from Aimée Lomeli Designs

This one might be our favorite. You know we can’t resist a great textural element. This beauty is more of a shrub and great for ground coverage. The purple thistle-y bloom is so stunning and adds gorgeous color. You can expect the blooms in the Spring and Summer months more burgundy cones coming in the Fall months.

Leucadendron Jubilee Crown – Summer Garden Inspiration from Aimée Lomeli Designs

Foxglove is a florist favorite, so having easy access to it in our gardens makes us very happy campers! This beauty has dark burgundy foliage and white blooms, almost tinted pink between the two colors. Bonus! This variety is bee-friendly and attracts hummingbirds, so you can expect a few more visitors to your garden!

Husker Red Foxglove – Summer Garden Flower Inspiration from Aimée Lomeli Designs

Gardening is definitely a skill that requires cultivating and growth over the years. It can be intimidating to know where to start, so we certainly hope this is a helpful resource of just a few varieties that’ll give you some gardening wins as you curate your outdoor space!

Ready to see Aimee’s outdoor oasis? It’s definitely swoon-worthy! A gorgeous variety of produce providing plants as well as flowering plants that can be used in arrangements and designs for our wonderful clients! It’s truly a dream.

Summer Garden Flowers and Produce from Aimée Lomeli Designs Container gardens featuring little gem lettuce by Aimée Lomeli Floral Designs Summer Garden Flower Inspiration from Aimée Lomeli Designs