What I do

Wineries | Weddings | Corporate events

From concept and planning to production and staging, you’ll find this process to be a deeply personalized experience. It starts with a consultation. We’ll talk vision, venues, styles, and themes. And, once we’ve put our ideas on the table, I’ll draw up a proposal led by stunning visuals so you can get a taste of what’s to come. When the design is agreed upon, I’ll start bringing your vision to life.

I work alongside the most talented creators and artisans in California’s beautiful wine country to produce that high-end botanical vibe you’re after. And to make sure everything’s just right on the day, I source and build props, hand-select linens, fabricate bespoke elements, and manage contractors.


Exceptional wines meet high-end floral designs. It’s a match made in… well, maybe not heaven, but Sonoma and Napa County are as close as it gets! First, I uncover everything that’s unique about your business so I can design florals that complement your tours, complete those destination events, and enhance your exclusive member experiences. My brand and menu-matched organic art captures the seasons and speaks of your unique terroir. I’ve designed luxury florals, textural botanical landscapes, and high-end winery decor for William Selyem, Aperture, and Kosta Browne.


You bring the vision… I’ll bring the florals (and maybe the wine). The road from “yes” to your wedding day can feel long and full of blind turns. From our first talk to venue set up, I offer a floral design service that’s clear, organized and, above all, inspiring. I’ll curate beautiful and personalized florals, matching linens and bespoke elements, and bring everything together with a touch of landscape design. It all starts with a call and ends with distinctive, memorable, and luxurious wedding florals that fuel your passion and leave your guests stunned.

Corporate events

From exhibition centers to stage sets, florals enhance and engage. I curate on-brand visual identities that entertain VIPs, complement retreats, and build just the right buzz at a marketing event. Think branded color-palettes, luxury materials, fresh visuals, and seamless set-up on the day. My work has been featured in commercials and staging by Subaru, Paramount Pictures, Geico, and Netflix. Get in touch to discuss how we can elevate your production or corporate event with stunning florals.

Together we’ll make memorable moments by design