Floral Romance & Ribbon Inspiration, Revisiting A Floral Story Workshop

March 3, 2021 | ALD News

Today, we are sharing some soft, romantic floral inspiration from a stunning workshop we were lucky enough to participate in last February. It was such a wonderful experience to design and create with other incredibly talented pros. We made some real floral magic.

The Floral Story Workshop was three days here in California. It was led by Lucy the Flower Hunter and Gabriela, owner of Musa Lucy. She is an amazing designer with an incredible talent for capturing floral photographer and an all around sweet soul.

Gabriella’s designs are breathtaking and I can’t wait to join her on her flower farm in Mexico for another class. Together, we were led through her process of multiple design elements like small bowls, large installations, and floral styling.  My favorite was the small bowl – creating a place for each delicate flower to shine.  It was wonderful to slow down and really look at the form of each flower and branch then choosing its home to create a balanced arrangement.

We also learned to hand-dye ribbon and wow! It only made our ribbon obsession all that stronger. Ribbon is one of those small, often-overlooked details that can really take a bouquet from lovely to absolutely breathtaking. (Ask us about ribbon options for your designs. Trust us, we’ve got recommendations that’ll make your heart swoon!)

Education is such an important component of building your craft and flexing your creative muscles. I am so thankful I was able to attend this workshop and learn from so many talented individuals and bring that magic and passion back to my own clients. Event design & home styling is deeply personal and we bring our all to each project.

Lucy the Flower Hunter

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